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If there’s one thing the Charlotte, North Carolina area doesn’t have – It’s a beach. But could that change in our near future!

Bi-Part Development is attempting to bring a massive $800 Million development featuring a beach style resort to Huntersville, North Carolina. The new development, initially named Lagoona Bay, has been rebranded to Waterside. If approved, this will completely transform the Huntersville, North Carolina area.  

Today, we will give you a full update on the Waterside Development and what you can expect in the future. We will discuss:

  1. Lagoona Bay: Original Plans 

  2. Waterside: The New Proposal

  3. Local Response Against Proposed Development 

  4. The Future of The Waterside/Lagoona Bay Development

Is Charlotte getting a beach?  lagoona bay, new Development in Huntersville NC. Now Waterside

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  1. Lagoona Bay: Original Plans 

Jake Palillo & Bi-Part development is attempting to bring a beach style community to Huntesrville. This community will center around the Lagoona Bay Beach Club, a community attraction that symbolizes a country club, with a crystal clear lagoon as its centerpiece. 

The preposed development will cover 263 acres right on Sam Furr Road between Westmoreland road and Black Farms Road. Their goal is to offer the ultimate living, walking, dining, entertainment, amusement opportunities to the Huntersville, North Carolina area. They want to offer an alternative to the busy and conjested Birkdale Village. 

Lagoona Bay Proposed Site plans Huntersville, North Carolina

This mega development was designed to integrate a multi-faceted beach style community, blending a diverse range of luxury living options, upscale retail and dining spaces, and unmatched recreational amenities. The plan aimed to divide this haven into five distinct segments: Townhomes, Apartments, Single Family Custom Homes, Lagoona Village, and the crown jewel, Lagoona Bay Beach Club. Each of these sectors was curated to offer a unique facet of the beach like lifestyle right at our doorstep.

1. Luxury Townhomes

The original Lagoona Bay blueprint included an 200 luxury townhomes. These structures aimed to present an upscale, yet compact residential choice for those craving a blend of community living with a touch of privacy. Each townhome was designed to ooze modern aesthetics while providing ample space for comfort and functionality. These townhomes were modeled after the charming architecture and style of Seaside Beach (along the gulf coast of Florida).

2.  Luxury Apartments

Lagoona Bay also planned for around 320 luxury apartments. The idea was to fuse convenience and sophistication into high-rise living spaces. These apartments were set to be equipped with top notch amenities, offering a range of units from spacious studios to expansive multi-bedroom options. High-end appliances, premium finishes, and a host of communal facilities promised to make these apartments the epitome of luxury living.

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3.  Single Family Custom Homes

Each lot was to be sold individually, with homeowners given the liberty to choose from a selection of approved builders, to create a truly personalized living experience. All homes feature alley load garages, to create an amazing street scape.

Single family lots will be sold to individual buyers (on first-come-first-served basis). All homes feature alley load garages, to create an amazing street scape. Single family lots will be sold to individual buyers (on first-come-first-served basis).

Buyers will be able to choose between Siminnoni, Classica, Southern Cottage, Augusta Homes, Grandfather Homes, and Meeting Street. Home prices are expected to range between $900,000 to $1,200,000. 

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4. Lagoona Village 

Acting as the social hub of the Lagoona Bay development, Lagoona Village was envisioned as a mixed-use development. The design proposed a blend of commercial and residential spaces, with retail stores and eateries on the ground level, and luxury condos housed in the upper floors. It aimed to be a vibrant locale buzzing with activity, bringing shopping, dining, and entertainment options closer to the residents. The original plans included: 

The Village Plaza

The Village shops, boutiques and restaurants open to our beautifully designed outdoor plaza overlooking the stunning turquoise blue lagoon, and white sand beaches. The plaza is the ideal place to enjoy coffee or a treat al fresco, or to enjoy outdoor music and events.


A tropical themed luxury hotel and convention center is located adjacent to the plaza. The hotel will have a rooftop restaurant, bar, banquet area, tropical pool, and limited access to the beach and lagoon.

The Village Dining 

From upscale dining (steaks and seafood) to casual dining (burgers and pizza); from international cuisine (Italian, Mexican, and Asian) to down home favorites (barbecue and pimento cheese classics) from coffees, sweets, and treats, to craft brew pubs and wine bars, the Village truly offers something for everyone!

The Village Condos 

The Village Condos are the pinnacle in active living and convenience! Catering to singles, couples, and families of all ages that embrace an active, entertaining lifestyle, our stunning condos are located above first floor retail stores and restaurants, providing residents with easy access to a variety of shopping and dining options. With high-end finishes and top of the line appliances, our condos offer the ultimate in comfort and style. 

The Village Co-Working Space 

Located within a vibrant retail, dining, and residential area, the co-working space offers a unique and dynamic work environment. With flexible workspaces, state of the art technology, and a variety of amenities, our co-working space is the perfect place for entrepreneurs, freelancers, and small businesses to grow and thrive. Plus, being located within a vibrant community means that you’ll have easy access to a variety of shopping, dining, and entertainment options, making the Village Co-Working space the ultimate in convenience and productivity. 

5.  Lagoona Bay Beach Club 

At the heart of the Lagoona Bay development, the Beach Club was designed to be the ultimate recreation spot. This 40-acre beach club featured a stunning 10-acre lagoon at its core. Besides its beach and lagoon areas, proposed amenities included a clubhouse, cabanas, a food hall, a swim-up bar, tennis, pickleball courts, beach volleyball courts, and an expansive fitness center. The Beach Club was set to be the epitome of luxury and relaxation, offering residents an exquisite spot to unwind and engage in various activities.

The original blueprint of Lagoona Bay promised to change the face of Huntersville, bringing the charm and convenience of beachside living to the residents doorsteps. It strived to cater to varied residential preferences while ensuring unparalleled recreational and lifestyle amenities within the community. 


2.Waterside: The New Proposal


Change, as they say, is the only constant. It rings true for Bi-Part Development, who had to return to the drawing board after unveiling their initial plans for Lagoona Bay. The local community of Huntersville made their concerns clear, and the developers responded with a revamped plan, aptly named Waterside. The new proposal was a trimmed down version of Lagoona Bay, where many things were changed or removed.  

As we delve into the changes proposed by Bi-Part Development for Waterside, it’s crucial to remember that these alterations resulted from a delicate balancing act between retaining the original project’s essence and addressing the concerns voiced by the Huntersville community.

The most notable changes in the Waterside development plans are in the residential sections. The initial proposal of 1,182 homes has been scaled down to 692 homes, a decrease of nearly 41%. This alteration reduces the housing density, which in turn, could potentially ease traffic concerns in the Huntersville area.

Part of this reduction is the complete elimination of the luxury townhomes from the project, replaced with 90 single-family cottages. Furthermore, the count of luxury apartments also fell from the initial 320 units to 300. This shift in housing structures aims to better align with the community’s character and preserve the tranquil atmosphere the Huntersville residents cherish.

Another significant modification in the proposal is the decrease in size of the lagoon, the crown jewel of the development, from ten acres to about eight. This change, while not drastic, shows the developers’ willingness to adapt their vision while minimizing potential environmental impacts.

In the commercial section of the development, Bi-Part’s original proposal included a 200-room luxury hotel, a convention center, and 212 luxury condos – all of which have been omitted from the new Waterside plan. These components, if realized, would have significantly boosted the area’s commercial profile, but might have strained local infrastructure.


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The Waterside Village, however, will still exist. Although it won’t be as grand as the original Lagoona Village, it will host seven freestanding areas for retail and restaurants. This will provide local residents with new dining and shopping options.

Finally, the Lagoona Bay Beach Club’s core concept remains intact, though it will be slightly downsized. The club will still offer a beach like experience, bringing a bit of the coast to Huntersville, but the lagoon will be smaller. Despite the adjustments, the Beach Club is expected to remain a unique selling point of the Waterside project, promising a distinctive lifestyle to its members.

It’s important to note that all these modifications are subject to approval, and further changes might be implemented based on the planning board’s decisions and ongoing community feedback. 

3. The Local Backlash against Lagoona Bay

As is often the case with large scale development projects, the initial plans for the Lagoona Bay project sparked concerns among local residents. When addressing these concerns, it’s important to understand that they aren’t just complaints, but rather, reflections of the genuine worries and fears that arise when change looms over a community.

Traffic Congestion

One of the significant concerns voiced by Huntersville residents was the potential increase in traffic. Adding over a thousand homes, multiple commercial establishments, and a beach club to the Huntersville landscape would undoubtedly lead to a rise in vehicles on the road. Residents feared that this surge would burden the already stretched local infrastructure, leading to longer commute times, increased noise, and potential safety risks.

Changing Community Character

Residents also voiced concerns that the proposed Lagoona Bay development might alter the character of their community. The semi rural charm of Huntersville, with its quiet neighborhoods and open spaces, seemed threatened by a high density development featuring luxury apartments, townhomes, and a bustling commercial village. Critics argued that the proposed development was too intensive and out of sync with the area’s existing vibe.

Environmental Impact

There were also worries about the environmental impact of the project. The creation of a large lagoon, along with significant construction activities, raised questions about potential disruptions to local ecosystems, increased water usage and changed landscapes.

Impact on Local Services

Lastly, residents were concerned about the strain the development might put on local services. With hundreds of new families potentially moving into the area, demand for public services like schools, emergency services, and healthcare facilities would increase. Without corresponding expansions or improvements in these services, existing residents feared they would be left dealing with overcrowded facilities and reduced service quality.

It is important to remember that while these concerns reflect the genuine fears of the local residents, they also highlight their deep-rooted love for their community and their desire to protect its unique charm. Their voices were instrumental in leading Bi-Part Development to revisit their plans and come up with a proposal that better aligns with the spirit of Huntersville.


4. The Unfolding Story of Waterside: What Lies Ahead?


Having taken note of the pushback from the locals, the developers at Bi-Part Development have paused to reconsider the design and intent of the Waterside project. They’ve been tactful in their response, viewing the vocal concern of the residents not as a setback but as a chance to refine their vision, ensuring it aligns more harmoniously with the community’s needs and expectations.

Bi-Part Development has requested a 60 day delay in order to revisit their proposed plans. This period of contemplation allows them to reassess the project’s impact on the local community and the environment. It’s a time for them to reevaluate, refocus, and most importantly, to refine their blueprint for the future of Huntersville.

The goal during this period is to come up with an evolved plan that, while maintaining the initial spark of a beach style resort, also respects the community’s needs and the area’s character. The revised plans are set to reduce the intensity of development, scale back on the number of residences, and reconfigure the commercial aspects of the project. These steps are taken with an eye towards preserving the rural charm of Huntersville while bringing in fresh development that could stimulate the local economy.

The subsequent step in the process is to resubmit these plans to the Planning Board for approval, an event earmarked for August. The developers remain hopeful that this revised vision for Waterside, created with more attention to the community’s sentiment, will garner a more favorable reception.

Following this, the plans will need approval from the Town Board, which is expected to happen in September. It’s a crucial step, as the Town Board’s decision will have a significant impact on the future of Waterside, and by extension, the Huntersville area.

The road ahead for Waterside is a dance of careful planning and community consultation. The developers are keen on creating a new chapter of growth for Huntersville, but they also understand that it’s a delicate process. It’s about bringing a dream to life while ensuring that the dream enhances the community’s quality of life, rather than disrupting it.

The coming months promise to be a pivotal time for the Huntersville area. They hold the possibility of transformation and growth, but also the reassurance that this change will not be imposed blindly. Instead, it’s a change that will strive to echo the voice of its people, respect the land it develops, and ultimately, enrich the community it serves. As we await the updated plans and their reception, the anticipation is as electric as the future itself.

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While Waterside’s vision may sparkle like the crystal clear lagoon at its heart, it’s important to remember that nothing is set in stone. The metamorphosis from Laguna Bay to Waterside is testament to the fluid nature of such large scale projects. Each stage of this development is subject to changes, revisions, and adjustments, all in response to a myriad of factors including community feedback, planning board decisions, and evolving developmental goals.

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