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Local Legends

Puckerbutt Pepper Company

The Puckerbutt Pepper Company is a pillar in the Fort Mill SC community. Owner & president Ed Currie, is best known for breeding the hottest chili pepper in the world, the Carolina Reaper, as recognized by Guinness World Records.“Smokin’ Ed” Currie has turned his passion for breeding the hottest peppers in the world into a celebration of challenge and joy for himself and others. Now, people from all over the world send him videos of their experience with something he’s created. Currently, PuckerButt is the largest pepper producer on the east coast. They grow approximately 356 hand-picked varieties and ship their products internationally to Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the United Kingdom. You may have herd of Smokin Ed Currie, from the popular Youtube show, Hot Ones, as his sauce “The Last Dab” has been featured on multiple episodes.

A native of Florida, Katie grew up spending her days at the beach and traveling around for competitive sports. She then spent most of her 20’s traveling more but this time all over the world on a cruise ship as an entertainer. While touring she then met her future husband Josh who worked on board as a fine arts auctioneer.

After they completed over 150 cruises together they decided to start a life back on land. Josh  entered out to pursue his own business and passion by starting their real estate company here in Joshs native home town Charlotte. Katie has a background in management and team building. She is currently a realtor who is in charge of running the logistics of managing the team for the Finigan group.

While running their business, she is also a full time wife and Mommy to their beautiful baby Blossom.



Katie Finigan

Brody Todd


Young and ambitious with a talented creative eye, Brody is the newest member of The Finigan group, serving as the Videographer & Editor for all company content. Throughout his teenage years, he took his creative talents all across the country, working with Hollywood stars such as Jaden Smith, as well as rising musical artists along the East Coast as he built up his wide skillset and portfolio.

However, born and raised in Concord, NC, Brody has chosen to return to the Charlotte area after graduating with honors from James Madison University’s School of Media, Art & Design to continue pursuing his passion in his hometown. He looks forward to showing the world all of the amazing towns, neighborhoods, and homes that the greater Charlotte area has to offer!