Five Tips To Make Your Home Or Condominium Feel Bigger

Moving into a smaller condominium or ranch doesn't mean you have to feel cramped inside your space. In fact, you can easily make your space feel bigger by thinking outside the box. From reflecting light to adding depth, there are plenty of ways to make your space...

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5 Ways to Make Spring Cleaning Fun

When March comes around, there's one thing to keep in mind: spring cleaning. Nothing compares to returning to a sparkling clean home after work. You can take it room by room or appliance by appliance, as cleaning your house from top to bottom may be overwhelming –...

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The Big Question: Should You Move or Renovate?

The last 18 months changed what many buyers are looking for in a home. Recently, the American Institute of Architects released their AIA Home Design Trends Survey results for Q3 2021. The survey reveals the following: 70% of respondents want more outdoor living...

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