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Weddington, North Carolina 

Imagine a community where scenic landscapes, top-tier schools, and luxury living converge. This is Weddington, North Carolina – a picturesque town that perfectly captures the essence of a dreamy suburban paradise.

Nestled just southeast of Charlotte, Weddington offers a harmonious blend of horse farms, rolling fields, and upscale neighborhoods. A place where countryside charm meets modern-day conveniences. Let’s delve deeper into what makes Weddington a sought-after destination for many.

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If you’re new to the area or thinking about moving here, we’re happy to show you what makes it great for a home.

1. Weddington NC: Location

Weddington is positioned 15 miles southeast of Charlotte in Union County. The town spreads over a vast 11,000 acres, with a mere 27 of those dedicated to commercial ventures. The rest? Nature’s sprawling beauty and residential spaces.

You’ll never feel isolated in Weddington, even though it maintains its serene, country ambiance. It’s a mere 2-3 miles from the main artery, I-485, which encircles the Charlotte area, connecting you seamlessly. Plus, Charlotte City Center and the Charlotte International Airport are just a 30 to 45-minute drive away.

While Weddington itself offers a peaceful environment free from bustling city noises, Waxhaw, Indian Trail, and Charlotte are easily accessible for shopping, dining, and medical needs. Downtown Waxaw lures you in with its historic charm, while Waverly and Blakeney Shopping Center cater to all your shopping desires, housing popular brands like Harris Teeter, Whole Foods, and Target.


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2. Schools in Weddington NC:

One of Weddington’s standout features is its commitment to quality education. The town hosts Weddington Elementary, Middle, and High School in a convenient campus-style setting. So, parents, your morning school runs just got a lot easier!

Besides stellar educational institutions, Weddington prides itself on its recreational facilities like Optimus Park. This 52-acre park boasts fields for multiple sports, ensuring your children get their dose of fun and fitness.


Weddington High School
Weddington Elementary School

3. Living in Weddington NC

Imagine a life where every day feels like a getaway. Living in Weddington, NC offers that and so much more. From cozy cafes to sprawling parks, the town provides a spectrum of experiences catering to all ages and interests.


Charming Countryside Meets Modern Comfort: Weddington is the epitome of a suburban paradise, beautifully blending horse farms, scenic landscapes, and luxury neighborhoods with modern amenities. The town offers a picturesque environment while ensuring the conveniences of modern living are just around the corner.

Outdoor Activities and Nature: With most of the town’s acreage dedicated to nature and residential use, residents are surrounded by rolling fields, horse farms, and natural beauty. The proximity to Optimus Park, a 52-acre area with facilities for various sports, ensures families have ample recreational options.

Rich in Local Attractions: Families can enjoy strawberry picking at Hunter Farms during summer, and the farm transforms into one of the best pumpkin patches in the fall. The historic downtown Waxaw, just ten minutes away, offers walkable streets lined with unique shops and eateries.

Education and Community: One of the major attractions for families moving to Weddington is the top-rated schools. With a campus-style setting where elementary, middle, and high schools are located close to each other, the town fosters a sense of community and convenience for families.

Luxurious Real Estate and Amenities: Homes in Weddington are the epitome of luxury, with many properties situated in gated communities and offering amenities like walking trails, community pools, and tennis courts. Beyond the individual homes, the communal areas further enhance the quality of life.

Diverse Dining and Shopping Options: From the TexMex flavors of Chewy’s to the sophisticated offerings at Porter House steakhouse, Weddington offers a rich culinary landscape. Shopping destinations like the Blakely Shopping Center and Waverly provide residents with a range of options, from everyday essentials to luxury goods.


A Vibrant Community Spirit: Beyond the physical attractions and amenities, Weddington thrives because of its tight-knit community vibe. Residents are proactive about preserving the town’s charm, evidenced by strict zoning regulations, and ensuring it remains a haven for families and nature lovers alike.

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4. Things to Do: Never a Dull Moment

Wondering what’s on the agenda when living in Weddington, NC? How about weekend farmer’s markets, scenic hiking trails, or exploring historical sites? There’s a plethora of activities ensuring there’s never a dull moment.


Waxhaw Historic DowntownExplore the historic heart of Waxhaw, just ten minutes from Weddington. This walkable downtown area is teeming with unique shops, restaurants, and periodic events that bring the community together.

Hunter FarmsA family-friendly attraction, Hunter Farms offers a range of seasonal activities. From strawberry picking in the summer to its renowned pumpkin patch in the fall, it’s a favorite among locals and visitors alike.

Waverly Shopping CenterLocated a few miles north of Weddington, Waverly is a modern shopping and dining center. Enjoy a range of restaurants, from casual bites to upscale dining, and shop for your needs or luxuries from the various outlets presents.

Optimist ParkLocated close to Weddington’s schools, this 52-acre park is a hub for recreational activities. Facilities include fields for sports like softball, soccer, lacrosse, and more. It’s the perfect place for families and sports enthusiasts.


Anne Springs Close GreenwayA bit further away but worth the visit, this 2,100-acre nature preserve offers lakes, forests, and pastures. Enjoy hiking, horseback riding, mountain biking, and various events and programs throughout the year.

5. Weddington NC: Real Estate Statistics

When scouting for homes for sale in Weddington, NC, it’s crucial to be equipped with the latest real estate statistics. With an appreciation in home values and a steady market, Weddington stands as a promising investment for both new homeowners and seasoned investors.


Average Price: $1,218,245
Highest Price: $2,750,000
Avg.Price/Sqft: $268.91
Lowest Price: $400,000
Total Sold Listings (past Year): 108
Total Single Family Homes Sold: 49
Total Condo / Townhomes Sold: 0


Single Family Homes


Condo / Townhomes

6.Homes For Sale In Weddington NC:

For those eyeing homes for sale in Weddington, NC, you’re in for a treat! From charming single-family homes to luxurious estates, there’s something for every dream and budget.

In the heart of North Carolina, the town of Weddington emerges as a testament to luxurious living set amidst the timeless charm of nature. With its meticulously planned zoning regulations, the town meticulously balances commercial and residential spaces. Out of the sprawling 11,000 acres that make up Weddington, only 27 are dedicated to commercial purposes. This deliberate allocation not only preserves the town’s pristine nature but also fosters a haven for luxury single-family homes.

As you delve deeper into the real estate landscape of Weddington, you’ll find that the majority of homes here are designed with opulence in mind. These aren’t just homes; they’re expansive estates, often spread over plots larger than an acre. Each property is a testament to the allure of suburban living, complete with vast spaces, gourmet kitchens, and lavish backyards replete with fire pits and pools.

However, what truly sets Weddington apart is its emphasis on amenity-rich communities. The town is replete with gated neighborhoods, each offering residents a bevy of luxuries right at their doorstep. From scenic walking trails to community pools and tennis courts, these amenities not only enrich daily life but also foster a tight-knit community spirit. It’s as if the community itself becomes an extension of one’s home.


Nestled in the serene landscapes of Weddington, the Twin Lakes community stands as a testament to luxury, craftsmanship, and nature’s bounty. This community, which broke ground in 2021, is sculpted for those with a penchant for custom-built luxury homes.

Set over a sprawling 116 acres, Twin Lakes beautifully marries the concept of a quiet retreat with the allure of architectural magnificence. But it’s not just about the homes; Twin Lakes offers a lifestyle. With its scenic walking trails, an inviting waterfront gazebo, a communal dock, and the ever-popular pickleball courts, the community ensures every resident finds solace and activity in equal measure.

More than just a residential area, Twin Lakes embodies the spirit of a luxurious retreat, where every corner is crafted with care, and every amenity is designed for the discerning homeowner. Whether you’re seeking inspiration amidst nature or looking to build your dream abode from the ground up, Twin Lakes in Weddington beckons with open arms.

Within the heart of Weddington lies Highgate, a community that exemplifies luxury, elegance, and the pinnacle of custom home design. Known for its vast landscapes and homes crafted by some of Charlotte’s premier luxury homebuilders,

Highgate stands as one of the most sought-after and revered neighborhoods in the region. The community uniquely blends architectural diversity with expansive green spaces, featuring wide boulevards that skirt alongside 24 acres dedicated to serene ponds, intimate pocket parks, and leisurely walking trails.

Homes in Highgate, typically ranging from about 3,500 to 9,500 square feet, are not just residences; they’re statements, sitting proudly on plots ranging from half an acre to one and a half acres. Beyond the opulent homes and landscapes, Highgate captures the essence of a grand park-like environment, offering its residents a luxurious lifestyle that’s harmoniously integrated with nature’s charm.

For those seeking an unparalleled living experience, Highgate in Weddington emerges as the quintessential choice. 

7. FAQs about Weddington, NC:

  1. Is Weddington a good place to live?
    • Absolutely. Weddington is known for its peaceful ambiance, top-notch schools, and its balance of countryside charm with suburban amenities. Its proximity to Charlotte also makes it a sought-after location for those wanting a serene setting while being close to the city.
  2. How far is Weddington from Charlotte Douglas International Airport?
    • Weddington is approximately 30 to 45 minutes away from Charlotte Douglas International Airport, offering convenient access for frequent travelers.
  3. What is the population of Weddington?
    • As of my last update in 2022, Weddington had a population of around 11,000 residents, giving it a close-knit community feel.
  4. Are there any annual events or festivals in Weddington?
    • Weddington hosts a variety of community events throughout the year. One of the local favorites is visiting Hunter Farms during different seasons for strawberry picking or pumpkin patches, making for wonderful family outings.
  5. How do property taxes in Weddington compare to neighboring areas?
    • Weddington is located in Union County, which is known for its comparatively lower property taxes. This can be a significant advantage for potential homeowners weighing their options in the greater Charlotte area.
  6. What are the employment opportunities like near Weddington?
    • While Weddington is primarily residential, its proximity to Charlotte provides residents with diverse employment opportunities in various sectors like finance, technology, and healthcare, among others.
  7. Does Weddington have any parks or natural attractions?
    • Yes, Optimus Park is a popular spot in Weddington with fields for multiple sports. The town also boasts beautiful landscapes, horse farms, and is in close proximity to natural attractions and recreational areas.
  8. What’s the public transportation situation in Weddington?
    • Weddington is best navigated by car. However, its proximity to Charlotte provides access to broader public transportation options available in the metropolitan area.

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